One small step for mankind, one giant, hurtling leap into the abyss for Corey. Trying to be a humour writer these days is a lot about marketing yourself, especially your online presence. You need to be funny and creative, and do it consistently where it will be seen by countless people. I feel I’ve prepared enough yo enact my new years resolution though: one funny tweet a day. It’s going to be grueling, and I know there will be days where I am simply incapable of 140 humorous characters, but I’m excited to challenge myself in this way, and hopefully get some of my stupid shit heard. Follow me @hotwheeel if you aren’t already. It should be an interesting  ride.


The Small World Project

Hey, so here’s a thing I did. After hours of banging my head over simple errors, my website has finally been uploaded. The Small World Project was designed to bring the global community a little closer together- and to get me a half decent mark. Still, it’s kind of neat, and my first real foray into web design. Would highly recommend the squarespace platform to those looking to create their own sites.

In conclusion, check out the site, and send in a submission! That would be neat. No pressure or anything though, alright? I know you got a lot of stuff going on.


I suppose there has been one interesting development as of late. An opinion piece of mine was recently picked up by the Times Colonist, which is neat because of reasons and stuff. It’s something of a controversial topic, and not something I would normally write about on my blog, but it’s important, and if you’re intrigued on my opinion on e-cigarette legislation, you can read about here: For the record, I endorse harm reduction strategies as opposed to ineffective prohibition laws. Here, let me link that for you again, just in case you missed it the first time: So, basically, I had a pretty good week!