New webcomic! “The Top 4 Strongest Substances in Comics”.

Oh, it’s been a while. Between a trip to CAPITAL HILL and a whole bunch of driver troubles (not to mention all that shading. Lookit that! Fancy.)

Anyways, here’s the thing. I’m not sure what else I can say about it, other than I worked way harder on it than any other comic I’ve made. It’s not pretty, but it’s better. And it’s gonna keep getting better.



“Guardians of the officially licensed Disney Merchandise.” Guardians of the Galaxy TWO Webcomic.

Guardians of the Galaxy was such a wild ride, due in part to the relative obscurity of the characters. It’s funny to see how the franchise evolved over two movies, especially considering one of the characters has been reduced to cute sidekick status.

Still, even with how toyetic the film is, it’s a lot of fun and kicks it into full banter mode after the first scene.

It’s still kind of a knock-off of the first one, but so was Suicide Squad and this is at least a hundred-million-bajillion times better than that.


Thor: Ragnarok Webcomic

New Thor:Ragnarok Webcomic! “Look Evil; Dress Pointy”

The Thor:Ragnarok trailer hit the internet on Monday, accomplishing something that has been long thought impossible by the greatest minds of our generation.

It made me excited for a Thor movie.

It seems like every new superhero movie is trying to scrape off some of that Guardians of the Galaxy steeze, and Thor is getting dangerously close with the alien gladiators, Jeff Goldblum and that neon-ass logo.

I’m not complaining, but it was that sort of innovation that made GotG such a success. Copying what made it successful can’t possibly result in a film of the same caliber.

But hey, at least it’s not the Oscar-winning masterpiece that is Suicide Squad.

Lego Batman: The Movie: The Webcomic

New Webcomic! “Block-on-Block Violence”

This comic is soooo late guys. I got sick last week, then saved over the .psd for the inks, and then I had an absolute NIGHTMARE getting an instagram-sized version. I ended up splitting it into four panels, and water-marking each. Frustrating stuff, but I guess that’s the reality of a 4-panel comic.

On the other hand- 4 WHOLE PANELS. That’s like… 6 times the content or something.

Lego Batman is fascinating to me because it really demonstrates the versatility of the character. It’s been said before, but with so many versions of the character, everybody has their definitive Batman.

The recent “Nolan-ized” Batman has resulted in a lot of dark, edgy interpretations of the character. I hope The LEGO Batman Movie brings some of his goofy aspects to the forefront.

Dinosaurs in the batcave? Bat-shark repellent?  The CONDIMENT KING?

I’m not difficult to please.

The First of Many

A little sketch I did for the Square Enix/Marvel announcement. Exciting stuff guys.

Basically the joke is that in FFXV, Square’s big game right now, you do a lot of pushing a car through the desert. Hopefully, they can bring that same exciting gameplay to the Marvel brand!

Don’t worry, if this joke was a bit too nerdy or esoteric for your tastes, there’s more nerdy and esoteric stuff coming your way! Srsly tho, I’m gonna be writing and cartooning about a wide variety of stuff, but this felt timely and it’s the kind of stuff I’m into.

On a side note….

THINGS I CAN’T DRAW (Officially)



-parts of cars

-people in cars

-Hulk’s legs

Can’t wait to see that list grow.

Thanks for being a part of what is, for me, a pretty big moment. Let me know what you think in the comments!