Month: December 2014

Holy Days


I kind of suck at updates to begin with, and the holiday season has somewhat exacerbated the situation. Things are busy! Being surrounded by friends and family has the benefit of distracting me from the slow, inevitable heat death of the universe. Plus I went to a hockey game, so that’s neat! It’s tough to be an Oilers fan living in Victoria, but seeing the Oil lay a beat down on the L.A. Kings live makes it all worthwhile…. so, whoever you are, and wherever you are, I hope you’re surrounded by the people and projects that fill you with passion. Happy Holidays 🙂


Exam Break

My next exam is in the last possible time slot for exams, 2:00 on the 22nd. It’s unfortunate that I’ll be traveling home so close to Christmas, but hey- at least I’ve got 6 days to do pretty much nothing. That’s pretty neat-o, I guess.

The Small World Project

Hey, so here’s a thing I did. After hours of banging my head over simple errors, my website has finally been uploaded. The Small World Project was designed to bring the global community a little closer together- and to get me a half decent mark. Still, it’s kind of neat, and my first real foray into web design. Would highly recommend the squarespace platform to those looking to create their own sites.

In conclusion, check out the site, and send in a submission! That would be neat. No pressure or anything though, alright? I know you got a lot of stuff going on.


I suppose there has been one interesting development as of late. An opinion piece of mine was recently picked up by the Times Colonist, which is neat because of reasons and stuff. It’s something of a controversial topic, and not something I would normally write about on my blog, but it’s important, and if you’re intrigued on my opinion on e-cigarette legislation, you can read about here: For the record, I endorse harm reduction strategies as opposed to ineffective prohibition laws. Here, let me link that for you again, just in case you missed it the first time: So, basically, I had a pretty good week!